Covid directed us to the super powers of local

The most positive effect of the Covid-19 pandemic was the truly wonderful shift in the collective everyday thinking of people around the world, committed to finding new ways to maintain a quality of normality in their daily lives, and (here’s the best bit) the lives of others.

That sense of togetherness provided a heartwarming motivation to get through the tough times, and in such a short time we all witnessed tremendous community acts that we wouldn’t have seen had we not been forced into a corner.

The critical takeaway for sporting clubs as we enter the post Covid-19 era is that collaboration with your community brings people together, and provides so many great opportunities for what we now understand is some very important social interaction.

And it only takes one to create a connection, however with our plans, we aim to help you create an endless stream of local connections, and deliver benefits to all.

We can do it! And together, we can all do it better!